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Wendy Stegasaurus Dino BackPackBuddy

Wendy Stegasaurus Dino BackPackBuddy

$64.95 Regular Price
$44.95Sale Price

Wendy Stegasaurus Dino Buddy 16″ is gorgeous thanks to her coat with a mosaic of purples, pinks and violets and her pink crown she is the queen of the prehistoric era! 

She includes custom Embroidery on her tummy. Whether a gift for yourself or someone else, a quality stuffed animal that can be personalised is much more likely to be a friend for life, than a generic stuffed animal that anyone can own. Each 16” (40cm) Embroider Buddy™ is created using the finest finishes, best zippers, softest materials and embroidered eyes. The backpacks are machine washable and can go in a dryer.

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