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Superhero Bears Of Courage


We can create personalised superhero bears for any child with a serious illness, with a disability or any child who may be facing other life trials and/or challenges.

These Bears can provide much-needed comfort and joy to the children going through treatments or scary experiences throughout a stay in hospital, after an accident or illness or an emotional trial. Bears of Courage is the first of its kind in Australia to create A Courageous Bear that can be personalised with a childs very own name and personal message..

The 1st one and only Courageous bears designed for any superhero who might be faced with a life threatening illness, a life struggle or a disability.  A comforting bear to cuddle with during difficult times .

All Courageous Bears come with a soft love heart hidden in a secret zipped pocket under their capes for a child to

remove and hold when they are in need of any extra bravery powers.

Of course Superhero Bears can also be used for any other occasion, just change your personalisation to suit.





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